I am an Atlantic Canada-based documentary photographer, journalist, and illustrator. For my more up-to-date works and posts please visit bardzima.com.


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  1. I’ll leave a message here, because temobardzimashvili.ge is not working now, and I don’t see your e-mail address. Regarding “Molokans … I was about to start a project on this minority in Georgia,” I would like to send you my list of Molokan and Jumper congregations in Georgia, and some money to help you along. In 1992, 1997 and 2007, I interviewed many Molokans and Jumpers in Stavropol’skii krai who lived in Tbilisi. Their data and maps need to be updated, and I am preparing a directory of all Molokans and Jumper congregations around the world, for which I need the name and address of each presbyter, photo, and address of their prayer house and photo, with Google map coordinates. Also a list of families last names that belong(ed) to each sobranie. You are there and can do most of this. I find about 250 congregations in the world of Molokans, Jumpers (Dukhovnie), and those who use the book Spirit & Life (Dukh i zhizn’) which includes Maksimists. There are no S&L-users in Georgia, but you should find Jumpers in a separate congregation.

    • Hello Mr. Bardzima.
      My name is Uri Hirsch and I am Israeli. I read with great interest your article:
      Svan Trick or Treat (Svaneti-Racha Hike). If I’m not mistake, it seems to me that you aren’t conventional traveler. The same I can say about me and my friends.
      We are a group of 17 members, around the age of 60, but in highly physical fitness.
      Mid June 2011we intend visiting Georgia for 18 days. We are not looking for a luxury excursion. We prefer as much as walking, see fewer places, but focus where we will visit.
      Our intention is hiking 6 or 7 days in Upper Svaneti, staying through nights with local residents. Then visit Racha area for 2 or 3 days. Is it possible to reach the area from Ushguli by car…?
      After Racha we want to stay overnight in Kutaisi, and from there to Vardzia for about 3 or 4 days. And in the end spend the last 3 days in Tbilisi and around.
      Although we are in highly physical fitness, we would prefer hiking in moderate tracks.
      from your experience, give me some advices and tips. I would appreciate if you could,
      Thanking you in advance.
      Uri Hirsch.

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