Similarities (continued)

A few months ago I wrote the post about similarities in photos taken by different photographers. I pondered that similarities could occur both intentionally and unintentionally. The post has eventually won some popularity, at least compared to my other ones.

Recently my friend, an American photojournalist Amanda Rivkin posted the heart-wrenching text dedicated to the memory of two photojournalists, Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington, killed in Libya on April 20, 2011, while covering the civil war there. In her post she used likeness of some of her and Chris’s photos. Kudos, Amanda, for such a great post and last tribute to the two great photojournalists!

Meanwhile, another friend of mine came across a photo, that amazingly resembled one taken by me in Georgian mountains:

Children singing to drive away harmful birds, (from the series Snow Country, Torioi Festival) Kuwatordani, Niigata, Japan, 1948 © Keisuke Katano for Hiroshi Hamaya courtesy Studio Equis

Villagers leave the cemetery for their homes. It is believed that spirits follow them.The residents of a Georgian mountain village leave the cemetery for their homes after the remembrance of the dead ceremony. It is believed that spirits follow them to their houses to live there for a week. © 2010

When I saw this photo from Torioi Festival, once again I was amazed how unexpectedly, and independently from the photographer, a picture pattern repeats sometimes.

Below are some more examples of similarities from my portfolio.

Untitled pictureHazaras, 2007 © Steve McCurry

At the IDP settlement, Georgia. © 2009

moscow-pears-abell_31417_990x742Moscow, Russia © Sam Abell

I have to admit Sam Abel’s picture popped up in my mind as I was taking this. © 2010

13Croatia, 1990 © Steve McCurry

IMG_9715At the ballet school. Tbilisi, Georgia © 2007

From the Satellites series © Jonas Bendiksen

Celebrating Kurban Bairam at Azeri village in Georgia © 2010

josef-koudelka-53© Josef Koudelka

Roma bride. Georgia © 2010

Mustangs- Wild Horses - Melissa Farlow© Melissa Farlow

img_5717Vashlovani National Park, Georgia © 2010


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