2010 in photos

My 2010 in my photos, of course. I must say it was quite prolific, mostly in terms of trips. Highland Georgia project, Ukraine (wanted to get there for a long time!), photojournalism workshop in Istanbul, then Iran. It was even more important, that I started some of my long-term photography projects. Anyway, here’s my year 2010 in compacto.

New Year in Armenia


I spent a few days with my friends in Armenia in the very beginning of 2010. No snow, but better than meeting New Year at home (many would argue with this). Smile Here’s my post after this trip.

Working on the highland village story in Svaneti

Villagers come to Adishi cemetery for the ceremony of remembrance of the dead.

Margo Qaldani at her house

Portraits of generations in one of Adishi house.


One of my favorite trips of the year and a very good documentary photography experience. Resulted in EurasiaNet story on the vanishing village there. The project is still on and (hopefully) I’m going to continue it in January.

The funeral of the Olympic luger

Father of Nodar Kumaritashvili, Davit Kumaritashvili, holds his son portrait during the funeral service.

David Kumaritashvili, father of Olympic luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died in the accident during a training run, holds his son portrait during the funeral service in Georgian town Bakuriani on February 19.

Working on story about infants death in Georgia


The story was how newborns die because of lack of respiratory apparatus in hospitals.

Opening of Russian-Georgian on-land border

Dariali checkpoint shortly after the opening in early morning on March 1, 2010.

On March 1 the first, and so far only, on-land border crossing point has opened between Russia and Georgia in Dariali gorge.

Flood at an IDP settlement


Residents of one of the settlements for IDP from South Ossetia dry boots after the spring flood.

Caged Bears

Balu 1 in his cage

Mamuka Undelashvili, one of restaurant owners, plays with Balu 2.

Balu 1 in his cage

Caged bears problem is one of the major environmental (and human) issues not only in Georgia, but also in the whole Caucasus. See the story on Transitions Online website (originally published in Georgian weekly magazine Liberali).

Georgian Roma People






My favorite project so far. Approaching closed communities such as Romani is not easy, though when you start communicating with them you’ll find yourself in some other world, and you have a chance to learn a lot from them, at least how to get rid of some stereotypes.

Georgian Soldiers Leaving for Afghanistan




Well, such is the soldier’s life.

Story on Georgian Children from Abkhazia Crossing the Borderline to Go to School

Ira Qubalia, 32, takes her two children over the border back to Otobaia village in Gali region from Ganmukhuri after the end of a school day.

Schoolchildren playing in the corridors of the Ganmukhuri school

A story about this on EurasiaNet.

The National Cancer Center Building Story



The story was on how the National Cancer Center lacks funding to better the ward conditions (that are rather poor). However for me personally this story was important as it helped me to somewhat get rid of my cancerophobia by knowing more about the cancer, at least.

Trip to Ukraine




I happened to go Ukraine for one of my best friends’ wedding, but managed to take some photos of Kiev as a tourists.

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Istanbul





Well, the workshop was one of my favorite experiences so far as not only I had a chance to work and listen to some of the best photographers in the world, but also to meet some fine people there. Anyway, it was a good trip Smile (here’s my post on it).

Svaneti and Racha trip




Good vacation backpack hike. I already reported about in in one of my previous posts.

Transfiguration Day with a Molokan Community


It was my first experience with these fine people (although I planned to shoot a story on them some time ago). It was also my first experience of reading aloud an excerpt of my choice from the Bible for a group of people.

Architecture Photography



This year I tried myself in professional architecture photography. It’s been a while that was interested in this field, but only recently I had a chance to actually shoot for a Georgian architectural company. It was real fun!






Now, this one was my favorite trip of the year. Although I didn’t spend much time there, I managed to get some grasp of the country and the people, and I must say I really, really liked it. Will surely try to go there sometime soon.

Looking for the Lonely Leopard





I’m working now on a story about the lonely leopard named Noah that was discovered some six years ago in Vashlovani National Park. So here’s some visuals from the park I took for the upcoming multimedia story (hope I got you interested, the story will be published in January). Smile

Stalin’s Birthday Rally



I called it Stalin’s Birthday Party. It was the last interesting event I shot in 2010.

OK, I’m off for my New Year’s holidays now. See you soon in 2011.


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