Just heard the news that Georgian government dismantled  the Stalin’s monument from the central square in his home town Gori, to move it to the yard of the local Stalin’s museum.

I happen to be outside of Georgia at the moment, thus missing the opportunity to cover this historical turninng point. I happened to work on the project on remains of Soviet Union in Georgia. Stalin was the central figure in my project. I photographed his monument in Gori during the August conflict between Russia and Georgia and afterwards.

Stalin’s monument in Gori during the Russian-Georgian war in 2008.

Stalin’s person still remains quite a controversy in Georgia. Many say that the Great Leader is one of the Georgians the country should be proud of, others think he is a shame for his homeland. Seems that points of view are divided as well on the dismantling of the monument.

Anyway, the next step on continuing fight against Soviet remains in Georgia may be the renaming of Stalin’s square and Stalin’s avenue in Gori.

Stalin’s monument in Gori. 2008

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