Vashlovani National Park

Just another weekend trip to Vashlovani National Park with some friends of mine. Early spring (as well as the late fall) is easily the most perfect time to go there, since in summer it becomes really hot and dry there, not mentioning good chances of stepping on vipers once every ten meters. Now it’s still cold enough there to keep reptiles in the hibernation. However water is still scarce there, so we had to bring it with us.

Vashlovani has its own special kind of beauty that only desert has. It’s savanna landscape reminds me a little bit of Nevada or Arizona desert, with easily the same charm.

IMG_3274Heading towards Vashlovani.





IMG_3289An oil pump on the way to the park.

Vashlovani is the hilly savanna type of landscape stretched over more than 8,000 ha.
This territory is a natural spillway formed by seasonal floods.


Most of the rivers and creeks are dry.
However, riverbeds are still wet from recent rains.

IMG_3692 Water has gradually made its way through the rocks.

Walking along a riverbed.

IMG_3825The dead end of one of the Vashlovani canyons.

Despite that hunting in protected areas is forbidden, there was a shot cartridge case in the middle of the park. It’s not that it necessarily was the result of hunting, but the propriety of shooting in a natural reserve is questionable.



IMG_3795Wavy rocks of Vashlovani.


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