Places of your own (comfort)

There are places where you feel like nowhere else. They are not necessarily the most beautiful or colorful ones, but you start feeling free from all kind of worries even when you just start thinking of them. Sometimes it’s because you’ve been there with a good company, sometimes because of the situation(s) you have experienced there etc.

My personal favorites:

1. Abastumani

I feel like I have been visiting Abastumani all my life. For years I rarely missed a summer to go to this place in the South-West of Georgia, home for one of the most prominent Soviet astronomical observatories.

Exif JPEG        Rocks near Abastumani, 2004

Abastumani hills, 2009

2. Kvemo Kartli region

It’s close to Tbilisi and it’s easy to go to for a weekend trip. This region is rather diverse by relief and very rich with historical monuments.

Bedeni plateau, Kvemo Kartli, 2006

3. Vashlovani National Park

Though I first got to this national park in the South-East part of Georgia only three months ago, visiting this place was my cherished dream since I was around fifteen. I have to say that Vashlovani didn’t disappoint me at all when I finally got there.

Vashlovani National Park, 2009

Vashlovani National Park, 2009

4. Tusheti

Tusheti cannot boast about high peaks and glaciers like other Georgian mountain regions, nevertheless it definitely has its own special charm. I must also mention, that Tushetians are the most peaceful people among Georgian highlanders (no offence to anybody!). 🙂

_MG_7814 Tusheti 2006

P.S. This all sounded like a lame tourist guide, didn’t it? 🙂


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