NY10 in Armenia

Just wanted to mention that some of my friends and I spent the outstanding New Year’s holidays in Armenia.

The only thing was that I couldn’t manage to dedicate myself much to photography this time, since our company was hanging out till the very morning and was getting up pretty late in the afternoon. Most of the sights (Garni, Goshavank etc.) we’ve visited in the dark. But I have to say it was enough to notice their beauty, likewise were the Armenian landscapes.

"Organ pipe" rocks in Garni canyon

Contrary to the foreigners’ common belief Armenia is not only void steppes. It has rather high mountains (4000 meters, isn’t it high enough?), forests, and lakes (amazingly, Sevan isn’t only lake in Armenia)

All these competitions between Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on who has better nature becomes groundless when you visit all of these countries. I would say that the whole region of South Caucasus is very beautiful and each of these countries has its own unique charm.

On the contrary, Armenia’s capital Yerevan is not as beautiful as the rest of the country. Soviet style massive tuff buildings there are rather depressing. However, the small resort town of Dilijan was one of the prettiest places I’ve ever visited.

Here is a couple of more photos I managed to take in Garni canyon just before it got dark. 🙂

"Organ pipe" rocks in Garni canyon

Garni canyon


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